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Monday, October 25, 2010

Yes on 23

Another reason you should vote yes on 23, besides getting rid of the legislature's gifts to its friends who can't compete in the real market or the real world is that the existing law spends billions of dollars for a premise that still hasn't been proved-- that is the theory that carbon dioxide causes global warming.  This is the next biggest boondoggle to cap and trade.  It will bankrupt California.  Ask yourself this important question-- why are all these billionaires spending millions of dollars to persuade you this is a bad deal?  Not because they are altruistic, because they intend to benefit from your taxpayer dollars.  When was the last time Bill Gates, lowered the price of a MIcrosoft product so you could afford it?  Never?  Yeah.  They are spending these millions of dollars in advertising because they want your billions of taxpayer and consumer dollars.  They are the same people who want to make you give up your car, export your job to China where they don't have these kinds of environmental laws, and force you to live in a cubbyhole in a 50 story building while they rope off the wilderness and keep you out.  These are the same people who despise and detest every day ordinary citizens, blue collar workers, truck drivers and all the other people who will be put out of work unless Proposition 23 passes.  By the way.  No I am not paid by the oil companies.

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