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Monday, October 25, 2010


            California's irrepressibly beautiful state flower is, in my humble opinion, the proof that God exists.  They are utterly useless other than to make our hearts happy.  They are beautiful.  They are beyond beautiful, they are full of life and joyous.  They are, in a gross display of bad taste, totally bright fluorescent orange.  You can see the bright orange stripes from miles away when they are in bloom.  They grow on their own without being planted, right in the middle of pastures and under power lines and everywhere they have a chance.  And they are mind numbingly gorgeous.    So, whenever it rains here in Southern California, I say thank you God.  Because rain in December means poppies in March.  We have had a few days of rain in October just getting them ready.  The little seed waiting for the right time to bloom are undoubtedly happy to receive these little drops to keep them alive.

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