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Monday, October 25, 2010

Yes on 23

Another reason you should vote yes on 23, besides getting rid of the legislature's gifts to its friends who can't compete in the real market or the real world is that the existing law spends billions of dollars for a premise that still hasn't been proved-- that is the theory that carbon dioxide causes global warming.  This is the next biggest boondoggle to cap and trade.  It will bankrupt California.  Ask yourself this important question-- why are all these billionaires spending millions of dollars to persuade you this is a bad deal?  Not because they are altruistic, because they intend to benefit from your taxpayer dollars.  When was the last time Bill Gates, lowered the price of a MIcrosoft product so you could afford it?  Never?  Yeah.  They are spending these millions of dollars in advertising because they want your billions of taxpayer and consumer dollars.  They are the same people who want to make you give up your car, export your job to China where they don't have these kinds of environmental laws, and force you to live in a cubbyhole in a 50 story building while they rope off the wilderness and keep you out.  These are the same people who despise and detest every day ordinary citizens, blue collar workers, truck drivers and all the other people who will be put out of work unless Proposition 23 passes.  By the way.  No I am not paid by the oil companies.

            California's irrepressibly beautiful state flower is, in my humble opinion, the proof that God exists.  They are utterly useless other than to make our hearts happy.  They are beautiful.  They are beyond beautiful, they are full of life and joyous.  They are, in a gross display of bad taste, totally bright fluorescent orange.  You can see the bright orange stripes from miles away when they are in bloom.  They grow on their own without being planted, right in the middle of pastures and under power lines and everywhere they have a chance.  And they are mind numbingly gorgeous.    So, whenever it rains here in Southern California, I say thank you God.  Because rain in December means poppies in March.  We have had a few days of rain in October just getting them ready.  The little seed waiting for the right time to bloom are undoubtedly happy to receive these little drops to keep them alive.

Shouting Back == Yes on 23

The airwaves are saturated with Anti=Proposition 23 ads.  Almost all of them are filled with lies.  First of all what the proposition would do:  it would suspend the insane anti-carbon dioxide law until unemployment in California is below 5%.  So people who are concerned about lung disease say it will hurt them NONSENSE.  Carbon Dioxide has nothing to do with causing or exacerbating lung disease. So why are all these people doing this.  Because the law that proposition 23 would suspend is a gift of billions of dollars to high tech companies who want to force you to buy their products.  This is about reducing the level of carbon dioxide in the air.  Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant.  Everytime you breathe out you are breathing out carbon dioxide.  Carbon dioxide feeds plants.  If you really want the level of carbon dioxide to decrease plant more plants.  They eat it up.  This is nothing more than a big scam, like so many others, that will push California over the brink into bankruptcy.  It will destroy California Trucking Companies, it will  give a gift of billions of consumer and taxpayer dollars to the favored few companies.  Vote YES YES YES on 23.