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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Right View from the Left Coast: Why Sarah Palin Must Run For President

Right View from the Left Coast: Why Sarah Palin Must Run For President: "All the signs are beginning to point to it. So I will lay out the case as to why the former Alaska governor, Sarah Palin, must run for the ..."

I truly believe that there are a bunch of people in some room somewhere who are paid to post the same old drivel about Sarah Palin in order to discourage conservatives. The reason I believe that is that I see the same old drivel again and again. She's a quitter, they say. Here's reality, one of several Obama agents in Alaska was filing an ethics charge every time she opened her front door. (Claiming, for example, that she was using her office for political gain because she was photographed wearing a jacket with the manufacturer's logo on it.) The purpose of those frivolous charges was to keep her in Alaska. Those who are looking for some hidden reason for her quitting will look in vain. We now know what her plans were for 2010. She could not have carried out those plans as governor of Alaska with all of those people filing charges everytime she left the state. Her decision to quit shows that she has that rarest of all qualities in a politician-- she is a realist. She decided to take the hit early rather than let the left pen her up in Alaska. That decision, in retrospect, appears to have been a difficult, but wise decision. I respect that in a leader.

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